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Beauty trends 2022

After reviewing the reports of various sites, including Pinterest, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, etc., I compiled the most important trends in the beauty industry for 22 years.

  1. The trend for hairstyles is bunches of curly natural hair. Volumetric hair styling, natural textures, cosmic buns, curvy shapes.
  1. I already wrote about goth in the previous trend analysis for the next year. Once again, I emphasize the gothic make-up and hairstyles are a frequent request in search engines.
  1. Fashionable haircuts, which I personally was very surprised at. Bob haircut, almost shaved head, but bright color, octopus haircut, colored mohawk for short hair. And the most interesting haircut in the Mallet trend. All the memes about Billy Eilish and Miley Cyrus, thanks for that to the Mallet haircut.
  1. Textured hair. The effect of wet hair, slightly wrinkled waves will make a splash in 2022.
  1. Let’s take a break from hair and talk about nails. Nails with an artistically written pattern are becoming super popular. Landscapes, neon, galaxies, deserts and oceans. There is also an emphasis on drawing in the style of an amethyst or epoxy geode.
  1. Glitter in the make-up. This is a return to zero. We have already talked about the trend towards nostalgia, so here’s the glitter in makeup, just about that. Shiny lip glosses, glitter on the eyelids is something that has been presented many times in makeup at fashion shows 2022.
  1. Two arrows, maybe even three. Several lines in front of the eyes are a hot topic for makeup in 22 years. The arrows can be of different colors, a bright accent will make the makeup even more relevant and modern.
  1. Blush all over your face! It’s a joke, but now blush is applied not only to the apples of the cheeks, but to the nose, to all the upper points of the face, for example, right above the cheekbones.
  1. We give cosmetics to boys. Genderfluid beauty is gaining momentum at 22. Cosmetic companies produce products for men who like to wear makeup. The rules in makeup are becoming more and more blurred, so brands are promoting their cosmetics for absolutely everyone.
  1. The effect of eyebrow lamination remains unchanged. Raised eyebrows are in trend, but the hairs will no longer be strictly up, the eyebrow will become more gentle and soft.

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