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Today we will talk about a very interesting topic, about visual culture, what it is, where this concept came from, how it is connected with art.

Modern culture is directly connected with the Internet. Especially now we can say that not only communication, but also art is moving into digital format. For example, some of its parts flow into the cultural environment directly through social networks.

Therefore, it is now customary to say that visual culture is gradually becoming the dominant form of culture as such.

Remembering the lessons of social science at school, we can say that culture is everything that is created by man. But referring to visual culture, one can include cinema, video, comics, photography, computer games. In general, any medium that contains a visual component, even advertising, is the subject of visual culture.

Some researchers in the field of art believe that it is directly related to the ideology, the economy of the society and the time when the art object was created. That is, this object is not some kind of autonomous sphere of artistic creativity, but directly depends on events from the “outside” at a given moment in time.

Thus, I draw your attention to the fact that visual culture can be part of art, but also completely deviate from it. This trend confuses a person’s concept of a work of art and does not always understand what is art and what is not.

Therefore, it should be noted right away that visual culture is not always art, each of us having an Instagram account with posted photos is a part of it, or rather our account, it develops and develops, including art.

I will continue to write on this topic, we will understand art in the context of the visual culture of the 21st century.

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