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Visual Trends

Did you ask for visual trends for 2022? And I did.

To begin with, those trends that seemed interesting to me.

  1. Retro is coming back. Nostalgia trend. Even children of 12 years old begin to talk about nostalgia for the 90s, although they were born in 2009. So the whole world suddenly indulged in nostalgia in 2020 and is still indulging. How does this affect the visual directions? Of course, this is the addition of retro elements, not only in the photo, but also in the design, a retro font. Revisiting old characters, bringing them into new memes. Neon, chrome, love for large headphones with wires, bulky clothes and technology can also be attributed here.
  2. Color minimalism. Nowadays, artists like to mix two designs, using only the essentials. Do not forget to combine two shades, often contrasting, since neon is in trend. But you can’t do without pastel shades, if also in a box. Top is the top!
  3. Anti-design. I really liked this trend, I think you can transfer it to the photo. Why anti? Because here designers avoid traditional notions of aesthetics. This is about rudeness, brutality, asymmetry + elements of typography.
  4. Surrealism. And my love lately. There is also a trend to fill the free space with the necessary elements. I would mix it all together. A lot of things in space may well turn out to be surreal.
  5. Some statistics. Be decorated! So this year, the increase in the search for “teeth jewelry” has grown by 85% on Pinterest. And in general, there is a tendency to add decorations to the entire face.
  6. Gothic. Not only gothic makeup and nails are in trend, but even kitchens! Again, Pinterest has seen an 85% increase in requests for gothic kitchen décor over the past year.
  7. I have identified a huge trend for sexual minorities. It is on the territory of the Russia and the CIS. Generation Z is interested in this topic, they are not shy about talking about it. Therefore, this is directly reflected in local visual projects, and, of course, inquiries.
  8. There remains a trend for body positivity (a very full and naked body), pregnancy and motherhood (breastfeeding in public places), talk about menstruation (here, in general, the requests are just off scale). Point 8 is a general direction that has been going on for a long time, but is still relevant.

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