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First of all, it is worth understanding what is called representation. If it is very simple from the point of view of philosophy, representation is a secondary re-awareness of images, material objects, relationships, processes and values ​​by a person. In the language of representation, it is often understood as representation, showing.


Art has a similar meaning; representation in art is understood as a secondary “showing” or “representation” of images.


Traditional art (classical art, roughly speaking, all art before the 16th century) represents reality as an ideal image.


Modernism (the direction of art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries), there is a rejection of previous traditions in art, a desire for something new, a change in the role of the artist, as a creator, not only of an object of art, but also of emotions. How does the representation of reality take place: the rejection of idealized images and the desire to reflect the real reality, including political reality, the creation of completely new trends, forms, images in art.


Postmodernism (the culture of the second half of the 20th to the beginning of the 21st century) represented ready-made representations (already a secondary representation of images from modernism) of reality, flowing into contemporary art, is a synthesis of art and innovative media technologies, a shift of interests from the work of art itself to the technique of its production. Well, of course, we have inherited from modernism, the transfer of emotions.


I examined in the most concise way how the change of representations took place in different periods of art directions from the point of view of a philosophical approach. We have come to the conclusion that contemporary art is presented as the result of the relationship not only of socio-cultural processes, but also of the technological development of society. In view of this, there is a threat of depersonalization of the value meaning of a work of art.

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